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November 19, 2007 at 6:33 am (Uncategorized) ()

Comments by a French woman writer
To: David Wall

Dear Mr Wall,I finished reading your book, I actually read it nearly in one go, which is always a good sign. You certainly have managed very well the purpose of a writer : to transport successfully the reader into another time and another space. So, congratulations!I enjoyed the story, and the way it was presented. The chapters are cleverly linked to one another, and I liked the appropriate quotes at the beginning. To introduce the protagonists in the first chapter was a good idea, although maybe  it was a bit too detailed and crowded. As a person brought up in a very traditional catholic environment in France, I was very interested in the importance of religious Missions in PNG, in religion seen from the point of view of indigenous people, ( I agreed with Kitahi, and one cannot help making a comparison with the Australian Aborigines), and also the famous and eternal GUILT which associates with Catholicism. I also enjoyed the humour of your writing:  the speech on Anzac Day p. 42, the rivercombers on p. 57, (that reminded me of the time I was living in Darwin, where people were living on the beach…) , the funny confession on p. 103,   and so on.  And the nice illustrations came as a pleasant surprise.The quest for the blue orchid gives the end of the book an interesting and exciting climax, and  gives the story another dimension. So, I congratulate you, as I know that to write any book at all requires a lot of time, dedication, discipline and talent . Lots of people dream of writing a story, and you have achieved that dream, so, bravo!!!!  Of course as a female reader, I found quite a bit of chauvinism (equally towards indigenous and expatriate women) permeating through the male characters, but I gather it reflects the time and the place….Having visited PNG briefly in 1978, I therefore was interested in the history and culture references. As I have started a collection of books written by people I know personally, (so far you are the 4th person…),  I’ll have to meet you and your wife one day… And another thing, the cover design is very elegant and beautiful. So au revoir et félicitations, Monsieur Wall.Geneviève Thibaux 



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  2. deberigny said,

    Sepik Blu Longpela Muruk by David Wall Paperback: 184 pages Publisher: Swirl (January 23, 2007)
    Order from David Wall, 152 Wilson St., Newtown 2042 NSW Phone: (02) 95505053 Email Price $30.00 includes postage in Australia
    “White Papua New Guinea residents will understand, appreciate and greatly enjoy this book, Australians devoid of the PNG experience will perhaps be less convinced of its veracity, but will be amazed if convinced that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Anyway, they will also enjoy it. Papua Niugini nationals may have even more difficulty, but for the older literate citizens, it may help to provide some explanation for the odd behavior of the expatriates they observed in their youth; some may even nostalgically wish to turn back the clock.”
    Peter Johnson (Former Member of the House of Assembly and long-time resident of PNG)

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