On patrol in the Grass Country

November 20, 2007 at 2:21 am (Fiction) ()

The patrol was out for fifteen days and the last village visited was Kambaramba. The patrol duties were duly carried out, and because the village was particularly large with a population of about 1,500, completing these took up the whole day. While the mass blood survey was being conducted, there was a lot of giggling and flaunting of their charms on the part of the girls. At the end of the day, James retired to the haus kiap exhausted, and after a shower using water hauled up from below the house, which, like all other houses, was built over water, he had a meal of bully beef, rice and kango (water cress or Sepik spinach) prepared by Peter Ettu. After the meal, he lit his pipe and smoked a rich tobacco blend he had recently purchased. He hoped by smoking he could keep the mosquitoes away. The luluai paid him a visit and they talked and smoked together for a while, James giving him some of his tobacco which he appreciated. The luluai then left and said: gutnait (goodnight) to James. James decided there was nothing to do but get under the mosquito net erected over his bet sel (canvas stretcher bed) in an effort to get away from the mosquitoes. He turned the hurricane lamp down and soon fell asleep. Some hours later, James felt himself gradually awaking with a sublime sensation of delight. Prior to full consciousness, he experienced a sense of pleasurable delirium throughout his body and on awaking he became aware of a pleasant musky smell. It was then that he felt the delightful body next to him and the upsurge of carnal excitement in his own body. This mischievous imp who had appeared from nowhere had placed her hand on James’s manhood and was rhythmically stroking it, while whispering in his ear: 

James, bel bilong mi kirap long yu, mi laik givim swit long yu.Yu laik goap? Nem bilong mi, Kanbi. Mi laikim yu tru.

 (James, I’m sexually aroused by you and I would like to give you pleasure. Would you like to enter me? My name is Kanbi and I like you very much.)

 By this time, James was no longer a free agent and he entered Kanbi with pleasure. What a delectable creature she was, with a young body in the prime of life. She had an exact and perfect figure with lustrous full breasts and an energetic playfulness that would stir the body of any man. It’s no exaggeration to say that James spent a night of ecstasy in Kambaramba.

 Kanbi left him at dawn just after he had given her a generous monetary reward for services rendered, as was the customary expectation.

 In the morning James’s team greeted him with a cheery gutmoning Masta (good morning Master) and a smile on their faces. James knew that they all knew that he had a visitor during the night.On the way back to Angoram, James started humming the latest hit by Jose Feliciano, Light My Fire, and he thought to himself that Kanbi had truly set the night on fire and if only for this, 1968 was a year of promise and consummation.

On arriving in Angoram, James posted the blood slides to Port Moresby.

Excerpt from Sepik Blu Longpela Muruk


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