The morning after the election

November 25, 2007 at 2:16 am (Uncategorized) ()

The morning after the election of the Rudd Labor Party to power, a few thoughts come to mind. Both Adolf Hitler and John Howard were in power for about the same length of time. The Fuhrer committed physical suicide while Prime Minister Howard committed political suicide. Some would argue that the Fuhrer’s voluntary exit was inevitable while Prime Minister Howard’s  shove could have merely been a shift if he had been a little more realistic. The man that made wedge politics an art form has been well and truly shafted and it seems that he has even lost his parliamentary seat.

The whole of the Fuhrer’s party in the Germany of 1945 went up in smoke, even if that analogy is a little insensitive, considering what they had done to the Jews, whereas many of the Neo-nazies of the Coalition have survived, at least in opposition; Abbott, Andrews, Costello, Downer,  Hockey and Ruddock readily come to mind.

We can only hope that with Federal Labor in power, medical, immigration, fiscal, industrial, diplomatic and legal policies will more truly reflect the values of a liberal democracy.

The blue believers step aside for the true believers, or this is what we hope. John Howard said it had been a privilege to be prime minister of this “beautiful country”. Kevin Rudd talked of “writing a new page in our nation’s history”. Let’s hope he does.


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