A seeker after Aryan perfection

December 20, 2007 at 3:46 am (Fiction) ()

[ A seeker, not so much of righteousness, but for “a perfect specimen of Aryan womanhood”. The Fuhrer had found this in Unity Mitford but, alas, to date, Temlett had been largely unsuccessful. His life has many of the characteristics of love on the run, eternally associated with an assumption of white superiority.]

 Before he left Angoram, Temlett Conibeer, the District Malaria Supervisor, from Wewak arrived to take control of the malaria team and accompany them to Manam. 

Marek and Temlett arrived on an early morning plane from Wewak. Marek bounded out of the plane looking fresh and energetic and carrying a large brief case. Temlett looked somewhat the worse for wear, and despite his rather tall and large stature, he was overshadowed by Marek’s presence. James Ward then said:”Temlett can stay with me.”Temlett with a startled look said: “Thanks!” Bill then went off with Marek, and James took Temlett to his house, after arranging the luggage. They had all arranged to meet at James’s house for a working lunch. On the way to James’s house, Temlett held forth on the strain of being with Dr Karski: “He never stops. Last night, I was up with him until one in the morning, drinking all the time. This morning he was sitting down to a big breakfast, as bright as a button. You wouldn’t have known he’d had a drink. I don’t know where he puts it all. I hope you have a few cartons at home. He’ll drink most of them and stay as sober as a judge, but at least if you get pissed, it’s easier to put up with him than if you stay sober. The old bastard will talk malaria solidly for hours, so you just have to make sure the booze is flowing. He eats like a horse too, and if you produce a brandy after dinner he’ll polish off the whole bottle. He wants you to start spraying in the Grass Country. So, Ward, you’ll have to pull your finger out.” “Are there any funds for this?” James enquired. Temlett answered: “I don’t suppose so.” 

Towards late afternoon the conversation turned to subjects other than malaria. Dr Karski said to Temlett Conibeer: 

“Temlett, I have great admiration for your gentle race and I’ll always remember fondly my time in England.”

Temlett Conibeer made a name for himself as a pamphleteer for the National Front in the United Kingdom. Two pamphlets that were particularly popular with the National Front were Stop them at Calais and White Race under Threat.

Excerpt from Sepik Blu Longpela Muruk    



  1. Anonoymous said,

    An interesting review of different characters in a remote place in the middle of no where.

  2. 3mahappiness said,

    Awaiting the first edition of “Love on the run” – Temlett is a real man of the world; many would not be courageous enough to admit the admiration we all hold for his unique way of life..

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