Sandra, a memorable person from the old Angoram days

January 19, 2008 at 4:41 am (Angoram, Commentary, expatriates) ()

Going through some old photos I came across of one of Sandra King taken in the Angoram Club in the late sixties. Oh, what memories floated back, and I asked myself: “Where are you now, Sandra?” 

Sandra and her husband, Geoff arrived as teachers at the local primary school and as far as I know carried out their duties well but they both moved on from teaching to managing the Angoram Hotel. As host and hostess, manager and manageress, they were a team without equal.


A highlight of a visit in those days was to come to Angoram and drink a brandy with Sandy. This was hospitality at its best. Sandra often said that she only allowed her friends to call her Sandy. I was one of the few to be extended this privilege on some rare but memorable occasions.


You were there for me, Sandra when I was thrown out of the Assistant District Commissioner’s house during a party in a state of extreme drunkenness and you drove me home.


You were there with Bert Counsel and me, drinking Brandies Alexander in a boutique bar in Moresby dressed in the height of fashion and you were the life of the party.


You were a feminine spark in an old colonial town and as Suckling wrote many years ago:

                             She [was] pretty to walk with,And witty to talk with, And pleasant, too, to think on. 

Sandra, if you should read this, get in touch.


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