Some thoughts prior to my PNG visit

February 5, 2008 at 3:24 am (Uncategorized) ()

My trip to PNG starts early next week.

Malarone, I hope, will protect me against malaria. As I’m not into sex these days, safe or otherwise, protection in this area will not be needed. Though then again, I could only find a double hammock mosquito net to buy instead of a single one so the very spaciousness of this apparatus might lend itself to possibilities and you can never tell your luck in a big jungle.

My safety when I’m in PNG will depend on my friends and I shall be in good hands. But should I croak through misadventure or otherwise, just plant me where I am. In the words of my great aunt, Em to my grandmother, Alice prior to the funeral of my grandfather, Charles in the family house, ‘Merton’ in Brighton, Melbourne “Don’t be bringing anymore of your corpses here.” He had returned to Melbourne after living in China. So don’t be bringing my corpse back if I die in PNG.

Perhaps my sentiments are not as profound as Somerset Maugham’s fictional character, Warburton, who “stated in his will that wherever he died he wished his body to be brought back to Sembulu, and buried among the people he loved within the sound of the softly  flowing river.” That being said, the drift of my meaning is clear.

My main motivation is to save the expense of a body removal but if people want to come to PNG for the funeral, this would be very costly. Maybe I should just leave any decision as to what happens to my body in the hands of Deb.

I’m sure I shall return all hail and hearty with many tales to tell.


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