“Sepik Blu Longpela Muruk” – Going cheaply!

March 15, 2008 at 1:47 am (Uncategorized) ()

My dear readers,

The mere fact that you are reading my blog indicates to me that you would be interested in the above masterpiece. So in the interests of good literature and fellowship I am now offering the book at a rock-bottom price.

An earlier version not quite as well proofread as subsequent ones at $20. This offer includes postage in Australia.

Just put a $20 note or cheque in an envelope with your address and send to me and the book is yours.

Hurry, only limited copies available at this price!

My address is:    David Wall, 152 Wilson St, Newtown 2042 NSW  Phone: 02 95505053  Email: mahal362000@yahoo.com.au

I’m not saying that this volume compares with The Pilgrim’s Progress but James Ward, the main character in the book, is something of a pilgrim in progress.

Kindest wishes from your sincere blogger,



There are still some of the earlier copies available, (23/09/08) @ $20.


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