Christmas Eve, Angoram, 1972

March 30, 2008 at 10:40 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

Christmas Eve, Angoram, 1972

Is there anyone out there who recognizes anyone in this rather poor photo?



  1. Alan Pretty said,

    I’m thinkining if it was 1972 Frank Donovan would have been Santa Claus, but I can’t say I recognise any one.

  2. Alan Pretty said,

    Remy says the bloke on right is Guy Jefferies, I’m sure she is right. therefore it would be Frank Donovan as Sants – Alan

  3. Otto Pandum said,

    I remember those beautiful days when my oldman, (John Pandum) and David Wall used to make those malaria prevention trips around Angoram District. I was a little 10 year old then.
    It is moving for me as today 8 July, 2014 I learned that Mrs Deborah Wall is taking Late David Walls Ashes back to Angoram tomorrow 9 July, 2014 to be buried there.
    Dad will be there to receive his friend and bossman


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