Sepik Blu Longpela Muruk analyzed anonymously!

April 15, 2008 at 2:12 am (Commentary) ()

Critical reviews of your novel point out your mistakes so you can learn. All novels receive a variety of reviews.

There are terrible paintings by people who are raving mad, yet are seen as very valuable: Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles, Lucian Freud’s After Cezanne and Brett Whiteley’s works are only good as firewood. Peter Carey’s books are unreadable and disgusting and Richard Flanagan writes offensive rubbish.

Your novel: Sepik Blu Longpela Muruk  To what readship is it addressed? If to PNG expatriates, then why the Pidgin translation? If aimed at the general population your detail of Dr Marek Karski visiting Angoram, for example, would have left them puzzled. Karski visited, drank and worked without visible effect, remarked on the English gentle race and operated on a dying woman very successfully, now the reader will say, so what?

You cannot have leads going nowhere e.g., James Ward’s son goes to Riverview. The reader waits for something to come from this. What happened to him at St Ignatius? If nothing happened, why mention it?

Every novel must tell a story from the very first page. The reader must be interested enough to keep reading.

The drawings are poor and old hat: who did them? We all know haus tambarans, birds of paradise and colourful highlanders. What about a taipan, butterfly or beetle?

The title is wrong too, the lay reader may think it is a novel from Chad or some other African country. I don’t know if there is anything ‘proud’ about a cassowary, that is not Wall speak.

The last thing you need is people not being constructive in their opinions. I could go on for hours!

My work has a lot of faults but I have learnt from that.


  1. deberigny said,

    I must thank the critic for taking the trouble to read my work. The comments are, indeed, food for thought!

  2. 3mahappiness said,

    Would love to see the outcome of a work that had “a lot of faults” but has been “learnt from” and I assume improved upon (to perfection?). Where can I get my hands on such an accomplishment?

  3. Book Review | Stories by David Wall said,

  4. deberigny said,

    Is this review written by the Commander?

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