Two Male Ancestor Figure (Asmat: Papua New Guinea)

April 25, 2008 at 2:18 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Is the Asmat in PNG? Your comments are welcome! Don’t be frightened to type something in!



  1. deberigny said,

    “The Asmat are an ethnic group of New Guinea, residing in the Papua province of Indonesia. Possessing one of the most well-known and vibrant woodcarving traditions in the Pacific, their art is sought by collectors worldwide. The Asmat inhabit a region on the island’s southwestern coast, totaling approximately 19,000 square kilometres and consisting of mangrove, tidal swamp, freshwater swamp, and lowland rainforest. The land of Asmat is located both within and adjacent to Lorentz National Park and World Heritage Site, the largest protected area in the Asia-Pacific region. The total Asmat population is estimated to be around 70,000. The term “Asmat” is used to refer both to the people and the region they inhabit.”

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  2. JIM VAN DER KAMP said,

    The “ASMAT” is a large area in West Papua’s South Coast, “Casuarina Coast”..

    Inhabitants were feared headhunters/cannibals. Very famous are their “BISJ Poles, ancestor poles. There was an exhibit of them in Holland recently showing no less than 60 BISJ Poles.

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