Love on the Run A Temlett Conibeer Story By A.C.T. Marke

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  A.C.T. Marke criticizes the reviewer and the review.

The geographical expanse and character portrayal in this amusing tale makes for pleasurable and easy reading.

 From the rural West Country of England to a bleak sheep farm in the Falkland Islands, we are taken on a journey to Australia and Papua New Guinea. 

 Temlett Conibeer, a young Englishman, artlessly steers his life, with something of the innocent abroad about him, in manoeuvres and tactics in search of a wife: from his rather inept and clumsy socializing to advertising in the personals, to visiting coupling agencies- we jaunt with Temlett on a psychological and sexual adventure.

 We are told of a loving but slightly censorious mother who discourages Temlett’s romantic endeavours and a lusty possessive older Hungarian woman, Mayar, whom he keeps at bay sexually. There is a vast variety of women such as Evelyn in the Falklands and the Argentinian, Manuella, with her full figure and pretty looks in Brisbane. 

 A collection of strange, romantic and passionate women come and go in Temlett’s life. The world, as it were, was his oyster but the pearl he wants eludes him.

  The love scenes are always tasteful but they reveal more than mere hints of female cleavage and ample thighs.

  The reader will find the male characters in the book highly entertaining. ‘Farmer’, Temlett’s uncle with his snuff and mean and wily ways – Dr Petrolov, the urbane Russian medical doctor, and David Ware with his get- rich plans, with many others, are jocular and amusing. The accounts of conversations and life in the old Territory of Papua and New Guinea have a realistic tone about them. In fact, the whole novel is, I suspect, something of a roman à clef .

  This book is hilarious and is highly recommended for the suburban commuter or others wanting to enjoyably while away their time. PNG expats will find this novel especially amusing.




  1. Andrei said,

    I have a gut feeling that the review is better written than the actual book. May have to wait for the big reviews before I consider this one.

    One small question though….? If Temlett is looking for a wife, what’s the hell is doing in Papua New Guinea? Miles away from civilization?

    I guess we will just have to wait and see………. Don’t rush to the local book stores just yet.

  2. deberigny said,

    From a reader: “I have just completed reading Andy Marke’s novel. Without wishing to hurt feelings, I was disappointed and won’t write a review – I would find it difficult as although easily readable (so are the Burke and Wills – that’s not right, but you know who I mean – mush stories) I found it almost pornographic without the titillation. One could certainly compare the possible characters of the authors of SBLM and LOTR; the one with suppressed religious scruples; the other with outdated (however regrettable) codes of gentility and morality. That having been said, it was readable and a commendable effort.”

  3. marrianne said,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Love on the Run’. It is a hilarious, witty and interesting story especially for people who have lived and worked in PNG.
    I found it very amusing, easily read (without being patronising) and it elicited many laughs and ideas for discussion with friends. Looking forward to reading his next novel, ‘Love in a Hot Climate’.

  4. The works of A.C.T. Marke in pride of place in Peter Johnson’s bookshelf | Stories by David Wall said,

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