Luncheon meeting

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An esteemed meeting of two intellectuals for lunch took place on Saturday 14th June at Woolworths, George Street, Sydney, in the cafeteria.

    Before entering this highly regarded establishment both John Bowers and David Wall paid their respects to the past Sovereign Queen Victoria, Empress of India and Queen of the British Empire.

    The nourishment selected by our two luminaries reflected the past greatness of the British Empire. John chose the roast beef of old England with vegetables and gravy and David selected a meatball, gravy and vegetables. This was all washed down with cups of white coffee.

    Over the meal a highly discerning conversation took place. A friend of John’s prophesies the Tribulation taking place in September. David seems not to fancy his chances during the Rapture. Anyhow, it’s all happening.

    To cut to the chase, the lunch had to finish rather hurriedly as John had to attend a Seventh-day Adventist service, being the invited guest of a beautiful Indonesian lady of that persuasion. Was it the Seventh-day doctrine of the second coming that attracted him or the beautiful lady? Is there a shared eschatology? David thought it was slightly incongruous John going to a Adventist meeting with a belly full of roast beef.

    At one point during the discussion David told John that he tended to take all theology with a grain of salt. No doubt John would put this down to David’s amillennialism.

    Both enjoyed their lunch very much.               


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