Masta Bob Lives On In La Vallée (1972)

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Bob Mackie appears with the beautiful Bulle Ogier playing Viviane in the film: La Vallée. On location, haus tambaran, Angoram,1972. It was said of Bob that as an actor he was “a natural”.


Plot summary for
Vallée, La (1972)

“Viviane, a French Consul’s wife, is in New Guinea to find exotic feathers for export to Paris. She encounters four European travelers who are en route to “La Vallée”: The Valley, high in the Guinean mountains, is shown on maps as ‘Obscured by Clouds’ and is beyond their previous experiences. Viviane joins their trek to find rare feathers and soon becomes entwined in their journey. Their extended stay with the Mapuga tribe brings a denouement between western and indigenous values before their final quest toward the ‘Valley of the Gods’.” Written by Neal Wells {}


  1. Tavurvur said,

    Is this actually a movie shot on site in PNG?

  2. deberigny said,

    Yes,this film was certainly shot on site in PNG. The first part in Angoram and Wewak and the rest of it in the highlands of PNG.

  3. Tavurvur said,

    Astounding. I need to get my hands on a copy of it. I’d never heard about it till I read your post. Thanks.

  4. The Recruiter – Robert Cowan Mackie | Stories by David Wall said,

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