Historical Angoram Photograph

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.Historical Angoram Photograph

From Peter Johnson:
‘This one “cropped up!” Was
taken 1969 or 1970 in the CM building – do you spot Kaman (The colonel)?
M & C…the men wearing hats are “hatman” – luluais and tultuls and shortly
after this photograph they were no more and most sadly the hats were

                                          Peter Johnson MHA Addresses a Meeting

 Yes, Pete, I remember this meeting and there are a lot of faces in the audience that we both remember and recognize. The luluais, tultuls and medical tultuls should have been allowed to keep their hats. As you say they were just burnt, anyhow. These old village officials did so much for the country. The meeting was held in the Catholic Mission Community Centre. Thanks very much for the photo and information from your days as a Member of the House of Assembly for the Angoram Open Electorate. I have assumed your permission to put all of this on my blog. Thanks, Dave


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