An Old Wellingtonian, A.C.T. Marke

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Notable Alumni, WellingtonSchool, Somerset

  • Jeffrey Archer, Author, politician and convicted fraudster who, it is alleged, falsely claimed as a young man that he had attended Wellington College;
  • Keith Floyd, Food critic
  • David Suchet, Actor known for playing Hercule Poirot;
  • Simon Singh, Science author
  • Tom Singh, founder of the New Look chain of stores;
  • Major-General E. Renouard James, soldier
  • Dame Joel Harkins, Noted philosopher, famous for her views on Phil Collins
  • Sir Henry Bale, Chief Justice Natal
  • Sir Roy Price, High Commissioner in South Africa;
  • Sir Alec Zealley, head of a division of Imperial Chemical Industries
  • Sir Ivan de la Bere, soldier who became Secretary of the Central Chancery of the Orders of the Knighthood
  • D.T. Young, England rugby and British Pentathlon team 1928
  • J.D. Robins, Wales and British Rugby Team 1950.
  • Wellington, from The Wombles, named after Elisabeth Beresford‘s nephew’s school.
  • A.C.T. Marke, 1952-8, Author of Love on the Run, Love in a Hot Climate,and Twixt Semites and swastikas: Temlett Conibeer’s greatest challenge.


  1. deberigny said,

    “In his farewell talk about sex to school-leavers Mr Bull would warn boys not to waste ‘it’, leaving one with the anxiety that if one did, ‘it’ might suddenly run out, a terrible prospect. He was rather vague in his description of sexual feeling, making it seem that it came upon one without warning, so that if there was no girl present the chance was lost. It was not clear how often the urge came or what happened if it did not come to the girl at the same time. What Mr Bull did emphasize, though, was that making love was the most wonderful feeling in the world, so that one was left hoping that occasionally the person, the place and desire would coincide.”

    Alan Ross, “Blindfold Games”, 1986

    This wonderful little piece from “Blindfold Games” makes me wonder if Mr Marke had a master at Wellington School like Mr Bull. A.C.T. Marke’s book, “Love on the Run”, certainly does leave one thinking “making love was the most wonderful feeling in the world.”

  2. Bryon Webster said,

    It seems a lifetime ago – remembering the wide eyed days of my youth, when tales of travel to exotic lands left some promise for adventure in stark contrast to the dreary comings and goings of post war Somerset, England. I recall a somewhat mysterious lad – his jet black hair and a dark piercing eyes, perhaps of Gypsy origin, yet with his authentic English name (Andrew Marke) you could never really know.

    He was the typical “tall, dark and handsome” never experiencing the same inadequacies with the female side of our species the rest of us had, he was in fact a bit of a school yard legend. It seems (and is rather comforting) that over half a century later, that legend still carries…

    Well done, Marke!

  3. Brian Collins said,

    I can’t wait for another work by A.C.T. Marke to hit the press. Is it true that “Love in a Hot Climate” might be a future title?

  4. Kirsty Russell said,

    Love, where do we find it? Love Is, perhaps, a many splendid thing, but is this the same as, or can it be, love on the run? I am curious to find the answers to these questions and I look forward to reading “Love on the Run”.

  5. Robert Taylor said,

    I Googled A.C.T. Marke and found he is a legend in cyberspace.

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