Alan Pretty’s Photos

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  1. deberigny said,

    1. Esther & Remy
    2. Dave & Debbie
    3. Remy Pretty
    4. Esther & husband
    5. Alan Pretty
    6. Don Coffey & ?
    7. Alan Pretty
    8. ?
    9. Burning off the kunai

  2. alpretty said,

    Number 6 is Don Coffey & Alan Gilbert at Dons Residence in Wewak.
    Number 8 is Bob Wymans (Wymands?) at Alan Pretty’s residence in Angoram. “fools Mate!”
    number 9 is Burning Kunai behind Angoram Club – Angoram. all photos circa 1972

  3. deberigny said,

    The photos are now in a different sequence. Viewers, please comment, if you feel like it.

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