Imaginative Engineering Project for the East Sepik

February 16, 2009 at 7:06 am (Papua New Guinea, Wewak floods) (, , , , )

We all know the devastation caused by the recent high tides in Wewak,  but what you might not be aware of are some of the innovative ideas around the town to prevent a reoccurrence of flooding.

   The one I like best, is the one formulated by a senior bureaucrat, the building of a sea wall from Dagua to Cape Moem. If this was to go ahead,  it would be one of the engineering miracles of the age.

   There is also a rumour that Dekenai Constructions Ltd is very interested to tender for this project. In fact, a senior construction manager of this firm was recently seen around Wewak taking sightings and bearings in the vicinity of the Yacht Club. He was also seen in close conversation with the very same bureaucrat who is the genesis and fountainhead of this scheme. This was after these two gentlemen were ‘shouted’ a round of drinks by a managing executive of Garamut Enterprises Limited. It is good to see  the business community in Wewak  behind the project, in fact, the manager of Origin Energy in the town has committed his company to supply LP Gas, on favourable terms, to facilitate the speeding up of this venture.

   The gossip readily quoted is that Sir Michael Somare said: “Why not all the way to the Murik Lakes?”

   The writer of this blog wishes the movers and shakers in Wewak all the best, and every success, in keeping the waters out of the town.


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  1. tony said,

    artifical reefs are the go. i cant remember how many times we had move cars etc from the floods caused by high seas,while living at boram beach wewak.the up side was good surf.

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