Tidal flooding destruction around Peter Johnson’s house in Wewak

February 28, 2009 at 8:21 am (Papua New Guinea, Wewak floods) (, , , )


These photos were taken by Peter after the first tidal flooding and they show his endeavours to clean up and  protect his property against further flooding. 




  1. deberigny said,

    Peter Johnson wrote: “Outgoing 160 tons of sand, half of that which was delivered by King Neptune Limited at no cost on 9/10 December 2008.”

  2. Tavurvur said,

    I love Peter’s quote! haha – quirky indeed!

  3. Peter Donelly said,

    wow, a sand pit for the yar and free of charge. Incredible.

  4. Weast said,

    Where did all the rubbish come from in the last picture. I can see heaps of plastic… such a shame, such a disgrace.

  5. deberigny said,

    The dumping of rubbish inappropriately around Wewak is a problem!

  6. LILIAN FOWLER said,

    Hi im really sorry about what happened to your place. my names Lilian m from manus and east sepik.

  7. LILIAN FOWLER said,

    You people stop sending massage shaming other people , you talk about them and what about you and your own place, is it clean? AS far as i can say wewak is a much better place and madang is a much better place than ne other places in Papua New Guinea. U PEOPLE BETTER STOP SENDING STUPID COMMENT ON THIS OR LAUGH AT IT COZ ITS NOT FUNNY ALSO PLS RESPECT MR JOHNSON COZ HIS A HUMAN BEING JUST LIKE YOU AND ME. READ IT PUT IT IN YOUR COCONUT BRAIN AND THINK POSITIVE. THANK YOU,

  8. John Hancock said,

    Lilian, you make some good points and we all should respect Mr Johnson.

    • Anonymous said,

      Thank you John

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