Overseas recipients of the pension bonus

March 18, 2009 at 3:20 am (Uncategorized) (, )

Some even felt stimulated enough to spend it here

Not all foreigners splurged overseas with their pension bonus (“Thousands of foreigners splurge stimulus overseas,” March 12). My friend, a New Zealander, had a holiday in Sydney and Canberra with his part of the stimulus package and also spent considerably more while here. Maybe many thousands of other overseas recipients did the same thing.

David Wall Newtown

If Barbara Tokley of New Zealand knew she wasn’t entitled to the $1400 she received by mistake as part of the Australian Government stimulus package, why didn’t she return the money? It’s called stealing where I come from.

Trish Wiltshire Worrigee

I don’t care how much the Kiwis have been receiving from us in pensions. Ruth Park, originally from New Zealand, her husband D’Arcy Niland and their warm, talented family have repaid in spades! Vale, Kilmeny Niland.

Robyn Cashman Fernhill


Sydney Morning Herald  13/03/09




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