Murik Plate

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Murik Plate

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Monsignor Quixote – DVD

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” Sir Alec Guiness stars with Leo McKern in the story of a friendship between a Catholic priest and a Communist Mayor. Together they travel from their remote village to Madrid and back exploring their friendship. the demands of belief and constancy of faith.

“This lavish production filmed entirely on location captures the wit, warmth and vitality that make the original novel by Graham Greene a unique work of literature.”  (Blurb on DVD cover)

This review is from: Monsignor Quixote [DVD] [1985] (DVD) “Simply one of the most enjoyable and beautiful films you will see. Its very simple, two actors Alec Guiness and Leo McKern, showing you what they can do. It’s one of the last pieces of work completed by Guiness before his death. I saw this gentle, simple film some 20 years ago and loved every minute and finally decided to buy it on DVD. 

“They don’t seem to make films like this any more unless its an independent production. Its one of the last films which focuses on the talent and makes the best of it on a wonderful Graham Greene novel.”

By Frank Bierbrauer


I can’t recommend this production too strongly!








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Pax Australis: the return of the Raj!

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d-d.Photograph: courtesy Mrs Johnson

Sir Donald Bosgard and David Wall Esquire, Angoram,1969


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