2nd Lieutenant Charles Etienne de Berigny, Royal Flying Corps

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Kobe memorial, Europeans who served in WW IMemorialC de B's graveC de B's last letter to his AuntCharles de Berigny's last letter to Auntie MarieFirst cousins, Claire de Berigny & Charles deBerignyAccount C de B's flight operationsP1010559The Red Knight of Germany  by Floyd GibbonsPhotos of C de B

My late brother, Frank de B Wall, collected a lot of material on our mother’s first cousin, Charles de Berigny, and arranged with an artist to paint a picture of the aerial dogfight in which he was able to get a burst of bullets into the Red Baron’s plane. This operation took place on April 2, 1917. Charles was killed on April 29, 1917, aged 19 years.

Letters from Lord Balfour


  1. deberigny said,


    Some info listing Charles in the bruay cemetery


    Information supplied by Becks Cusack

  2. Lois Berenyi said,

    I am so glad to get the information on Charles. He would have been my mother’s first cousin on his mother’s side. My son is a commercial pilot so was interested in this as well.
    I am still looking for information on his mother, Mary, and why events went the way they did. She was married at 17 in 1895, separated at 22 in 1901 with Charles born during that time and finally divorced in 1912 or 1914. Victor married again in 1915 and died the same year shortly after the marriage. Mary died at age 71 in 1949 in London.

    What puzzles me is that Mary’s mother left Japan around 1888 for the U.S with her son, my grandfather and Mary’s brother… Her husband Paul arrived in 1906 but by then she had already died in California in 1903. So where was Mary in all this? So far she’s the big gap in my story.

    I’m formulating a book based on the female side of the family. The Dithlefsens starting with the sea captain who was Mary’s father were an intersting bunch. If you care to share any information you may have I would be most grateful.

  3. deberigny said,


    The attachments might interest you. I have a photo of Victor and I think maybe one of Mary somewhere. I’ll have a look later.


  4. Lois Berenyi writes candidly « Stories by David Wall said,

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