Did Chairman Mao Visit Angoram in 1966?

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Long Life To Chairman Mao by Oldtasty.

Poster source: Flickr

Sixty years ago Mao Zedong declared the beginning of the People’s Republic of China.

For years it has been rumoured and gossiped that Mao visited Angoram in 1966. The Angoram Club’s visitors’ book did bear the name of the illustrious Chairman – a record that alas is no longer with us, being cast to the wind with many other relics and vestiges of that fine institution at its demise after independence.

Mao’s visit is a question among many others: Was there a Maoist cell in Angoram? Did the Postmaster in Angoram at the time alert Special Branch to a letter posted from Angoram to the Chairman? Was a prominent expatriate resident contemplating marriage to the daughter of a Nationalist Chinese Army General? Did a Patrol Officer at Angoram join the Special Branch, the intelligence unit of colonial PNG, some years after the supposed visit? Was the health of Mao proposed and drunk to in the Angoram Club? Did a senior Administrative Officer in Angoram have a connection with the Hong Kong police, and was he a person of interest to the People’s Republic of China? Did an entrepreneur, and fine art dealer of Scottish lineage present to Mao a priceless piece of cave sculpture from the Karawari River area – an artefact that can now be seen in China? Was Mao’s love of peasant rustic women pandered to by a fair Kambaramba lady of the night? A final question is, was Mao borne on the crest of a tidal wave up the Sepik River and deposited at Angoram in 1966?

A known fact is, that at the time, the Malaria Control Officer at Angoram was the proud owner of the “Little Red Book”, Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, and was apt to freely quote from this work when in his cups at the Club.

Mr Donald Bosgard, the then venerable President of the Angoram Club, was reported as saying that any visiting head of State would be accorded the respect of his or her office should a visit be made to the Club.

It is recorded that Mao was most impressed with Norm Liddle’s rendition of The Court of King Caractacus on the accordion, and he even invited him to visit China, and play with the Military Band of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Mao was particularly interested in Bob Mackie’s fool-proof method of venereal disease prevention. As Bob said to Mao, “it always works.”

We get back to the basic question, did Mao visit Angoram? Of course he did. You may as well ask me, did George Mallory summit Everest? Of course he did.  It is even said that the Chairman sent Michael Somare a letter about his visit to Angoram.


  1. Al Pretty said,

    Alan pretty visited Angoram! Why not Chairman Mao? Alan pretty also did a stint in Tienamin Square! What’s the Bob Mackie method, by the way.
    Keep smiling Alpal

  2. Lloyd De Berigny Babington said,


    If only Mao was alive today to see the peace between the Knights Templar and the Brotherhood of Malta.

    At last Laurence De Beringy Babington is public in telepathy of Angles of Angels of the Vatican City. As being the Holy Grail and the second Coming as the Messiah Christ Almighty again of Pants Down Town. Would of been a nicier Templar Party if all humans remembered him as the Guardian Protector of the Vatican in the first days of the Garden of Atlantis and not the worlds ego and rejection of his presents for e=mc2 in all matter seen and unseen e=mc2 for eternity e=mc2. As the Father of the prayer of Proctocol of Love in Fathers prayer of Pants Down. Bankstown.

    Got the lot Vatican. Well done your most Hated Pope for guarding the Crown of Yesuha (Yod He Vau He) of British Isreal. May unredeemed cousins of Planet X now rise in Glory of his name Christ Son of Moses the Messiah most Worshipable Christ the Son Luarence De Beringy Babington.

    Thank God Mao’s children and dreams e=mc2 have the chance of redemption to know the right side of the Cross. Amen.

    The fake last supper is over. Thank God the Swiss Guard of the Vatican never lost hope in the peace of One Father of all Creation. Luarence the Father, the Son and the Universal Spirit of the Holy Ghost for E=MC2.

    The Sum of us all for eternity evermore infinate in him. Amen Angels of Angles Vatican Pappacy.

    Much Love the Centrel Bureau of Intelligence of the Stone of Malta’s wet dream, the King himself Christ of the Stone of Destiny Freed with the Guardian’s of Gods Command of earth. Amen

    Unconditional Love behind the eyes of the Creator of the Garden Of Eden. When we were all once with him in Prayer, Peace and Mighty. Equally blessed in his love e=mc2.

    Much Love Pappacy

    Big Brother of Angels

    • Anna McGibbon said,

      I think my father may have something to do with this as a fully paid member of the Kuamantong. He wanted him to come up river so he could introduce him to those May River ruffians who ate a few of the Yellow Rivers in 1956 – only with the added bonus, Chu Leong had a special recipe involving a flying fox sauce and kango chutney … I’m currently delving into his papers and my departing memory for more details and will report soon …


  3. Stephen Smith said,

    Not only did he visit he went on patrol with me to the Murik Lakes where we spent the night with Rick Wyatt at Kaup. What a night that was. The Chairman’s interpreter was a bloke called Harold as I recall, who looked vaguely familiar.

  4. deberigny said,

    Steve, most interesting comment. I’m intrigued with Harold, we must follow this up with Rick Wyatt. Perhaps in the days past Mao was laying the ground work for the eventual take over of PNG The Chairman was definitely signed into the Angoram Club book and it was reported that he spoke at length with Donald Bosgard, the President of the club. Bosgard was reported as saying of Mao: ‘though he was not British he is a gentleman.’ Dave

  5. 2010 in review « Stories by David Wall said,

    […] Did Chairman Mao Visit Angoram in 1966? October 2009 7 comments […]

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