Priceless Korewori piece from the Caves

December 11, 2009 at 2:48 am (Angoram, artifacts, Papua New Guinea) (, , , , , )

Donald Bosgard & David Wall with ‘the priceless piece’, Angoram, 1969


A distinctive piece much admired by Thomas Murry Slimmon, a distinguished artefact collector and dealer from Angoram in the 1960s.



  1. onacloV said,

    Great photo David! Very handsome!

  2. Antony Ruhan said,

    Contemplation of Sepik art might help foreigners to gain some insight into the spirituality of the region.



  3. andre said,

    hi i have been collecting karawari cave art for 16 years , would you be interested in a genuine karawari cave female the or the cheif of the karawari caves ancient sculpture from the karawari caves the most historical peice from the karawari caves . any way the female is like the one in the rockerfeller collection and is very similar with great cave contrast of caved action over a lenghty stored period genuine caved sculpture.

    • David Wall said,

      Hi Andre

      Send me a photo.


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