Bob Becke’s photos from the Western District and the East Sepik District

March 22, 2010 at 5:37 am (Angoram, Papua New Guinea) (, , , )

Jock McIntyre & Bob Becke, Western District, PNG, 1960

Bob Becke with May & Harry Marchant, Two called to the bar at the Angoram Club, Jim McKinnon, Esther & Jim Stevens



  1. Bill Barnes said,

    Below is an extract from the novel SEPIK BLU LONGPELA MURUK, and I’m wondering if the person in the first photo, Jock McIntyre, is in any way related to the fictional character, Jock MacGregor.

    ‘And now let us turn our gaze on the state representative who was also
    waiting to meet the plane. John MacGregor was variously described as a “rough
    diamond”, “cultured Scot” and “gentle giant”. Jock, as he was known, was the
    patrol officer at Dreikikir, and to some extent fitted all these terms of
    description. He stood six feet three and was built in proportion. In his student
    days at Glasgow University, he had studied veterinary science for two years. He
    made his mark as a boxer, and it is said that the inter-university bout with
    Edinburgh University, in which Jock represented Glasgow University, was one
    of the finest ever. In Jock’s words, “the Fenian got under my guard in the last
    round and won on points.” One can only surmise that the Fenian Jock referred
    to was a Catholic, though whether of the Scottish or Irish variety would not
    have concerned Jock. A Presbyterian of the old school was the way Jock liked to
    see himself, with religion being more a label than a way of life and predestination
    taking effect in the twilight of one’s years. Then one became a pillar of society,
    the mark of respectability being church attendance after a life of being “one of
    the boys” with an appetite for good living, liquor, and the accommodating
    companionship of females. Ideally, the final transformation of one’s life, coupled
    with a good woman and perhaps one or two children, would take place back in
    ‘One could be forgiven for imagining that Fr Casey and Mr MacGregor
    would be as compatible as fire and water. However, their common interest in
    good booze was a wonderful equaliser, and outstation life was considerably
    enriched by the contribution of these two personalities.’

    • David Wall said,

      Bill, who is to say what is fiction and non-fiction. Characters in life are both real and imaginary. The two Jocks seem to share similarities. David

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