An Englishman of many talents, John Bowers

April 10, 2010 at 3:55 am (Papua New Guinea, PNG) (, , , , )

John Bowers in Papua

On circuit with Judge Ward

On circuit with Judge Williams in the highlands of PNG

Walking in the bush around Sydney

John Bowers, British Army, Sandhurst Man, Patrol Officer, Ex- Teilhardian, Special Branch Officer, Judge’s Associate,  New-Age Figher, Anglican Prayer Book Man, Premillennialist and Herbalife Consumer, A Most Extraordinary Man!

The fictional character, Ernest Spender, in Sepik Blu Longpela Muruk, shows a remarkable resemblance to JB.



  1. A few words at JB’s 70th birthday party « Stories by David Wall said,

    […] It did not take me long to realize that John was a Sandhurst man and ex-British Army with intense spiritual interests with a dedication to the Authorized Version and the Book of Common Prayer. In Angoram he was a Patrol Officer and political educator. On my blog I describe JB as, An Englishman of many talents, John Bowers […]

  2. said,

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  3. Curtissips said,


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