“What, will these hands ne’er be clean?” Lady Macbeth

July 2, 2010 at 2:15 pm (Kevin Rudd) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Well may the question of Laurie Oakes to Julia Gillard be put – “How does it feel to have blood on your hands?” (At which, of course, she ducked.)

I am reminded of the question put to Bob Hawke (The infamous shifty-eyed duplicitous A. H.) when he knifed Bill Hayden in the back to become PM. I am also reminded of a legal aphorism – “He/she who seeks justice must first come with clean hands.”

How long will it take for Australians to see through this treacherous and despicable assassination by the Labor Party? Not just the manipulated pawn, www (wicked witch from the west), and the faceless men of the right, but the whole stinking bunch of them, the deluded, lack of values, ‘ambitious satisfaction at any cost’, the Ministry. They are all to blame to different degrees, most especially www, or if you prefer ‘Lady Macbeth’.

If Gillard had refused the ‘right wing unions’ there would have been nothing they could have done about it, but retain Rudd, whose ratings had ironically started to improve the week of the treachery, but the Labor Party in their usual way led by their now leader, www Gillard, put out the sophistry spin, “we lost our way”, and Rudd had to be replaced. What a load of bull! The fact is that Rudd was his own man making his own decisions, or that is what the powerful right wing duplicitous union cohorts thought, and they could not stand this. So they got rid of him because he would not do what they wanted, and this was his right as PM. In the blink of an eye and without any pangs of guilt he was axed

As soon as decent Australians wake up to this reality ‘Lady Macbeth’ will be out on her ear, along with the stinking Labor Party. She will never be elected for other reasons as well: she can’t speak with a decent accent and she’s not photogenic.  My acquaintances and I all cringe when we see her on television.  She should take elocution lessons from Georgie Gardner, Nine News presenter, and do something about her appearance.

Tony Abbott, the Leader of the Opposition, said with some decency of Rudd’s removal: “this is no way to treat a Prime Minister.” Parliamentary Secretary, Bill Shorten, admitted on Q&A, 28/6/2010, that he had approached Gillard a fortnight before the actual removal of Rudd. This tells you about the secret underhand dealings that were going on.

The Australian People have to ask some basic questions: who is it who elects our Prime Minister and should the Labor Party be run by union heavies?

The ballot box is there for voters to express their strong disapproval of recent events surrounding the skullduggery of Prime Minister Gillard and the dismissal of Prime Minister Rudd.

Ask yourself, what is ‘Lady Macbeth’ doing that Rudd was not doing? Why change horses in midstream?

J.P. Priestley

The views expressed in this article are those of the author, J.P. Priestley, and don’t necessarily reflect those of this blog.




  1. Antony Ruhan said,

    Put aside for a moment the individual politicians and look at the parties. A group of big businessmen forced the Australian government, i.e. the Labour party, to withdraw a major piece of proposed legislation, i.e. the mining tax. What does this say about the Labour party and, presumably, any Australian government following? Who governs our country, if the government does not do so? How can one small cabal of men overrule the greater part of the population?

    We need to rethink our governmental system and, perhaps, rid ourselves of the adversarial or party system. We could replace it by a consultative council, like the present senate, who would consider individual pieces of major legislation and then propose them as referndums, outflanking the machinations of the parties and their own internal concerns.

  2. Jack Smith said,

    I like this piece, straight from the shoulder, the writer doesn’t mince his words. Unlike this blog the writer of this article does reflect my views. I hope we hear a lot more from J.P. Priestley.

    Well done and well said!

  3. Tom McKellan said,

    Rudd just didn’t see how the trickle-down effect benefits all Australians. The fair dinkum Ad agency and the Aussie battler actor on TV that told us all about it – they both get it. Those few hard working blokes on talk-back radio that made it without 1 cent of social security – they get it too. They get it so much it’s more of a pour-down effect.
    Those Australians battlers just need to wait a little… I might take till they’re on their death beds or not because there’s not enough beds left in the hospital, but it will eventually trickle down to them too. At that point it won’t be so much the trickle-down effect but more a sinking in effect – when realising they’ve been sold a whole lot of bullshit and swallowed it hook line and sinker!

  4. Newman Noggs said,

    Where has J.P. Priestley been hiding? We want more from him or her, but I guess, it is obviously he rather than she. Whatever, let’s see more writing.

  5. Amelly White said,

    The fact that we all focus on things that have nothing to do with the ability of our new Prime Minister – dress sense? hair? marital status? barren? etc. etc. etc. All evidence enough that Australian politics and for that matter the media are a good 40 years behind the times!

    There’s more than a 50% majority of women in the Australian population… if you’re a woman, I suggest you vote to benefit your interests, not the interests of those clearly backward thinking individuals enjoying the spoils of sexism – not unlike the person who wrote this very piece!

    Embrace the times!

  6. onaclov said,

    Clearly the author needs to open his eyes to larger possibilities than his very small inadequate intellect.

    Get over it old man, a woman is now ruling your country! And she wasn’t given the job because of her looks.

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