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We are all aware of John Howard’s Pacific Solution and readers of this blog would know that another worthwhile option was offered under the name of the Sepik Solution.

The Pacific Solution has gone, or has it? The Sepik Solution was never tried, and now, Ms Gillard offers us the East Timor Solution.

All ‘solutions’ seem to have as their primary aim to stop the boats.

I can’t see this really happening. Whatever ‘solution’ is put into practice, I believe,  that ‘people smuggling’ or helping people to flee will still continue.

What is the solution?

Perhaps the refugees are some kind of solution, or in another context, one may quote or misquote, Constantine P. Cavafy: Because night is here but the barbarians have not come.
And some people arrived from the borders,
and said that there are no longer any barbarians.
And now what shall become of us without any barbarians?
Those people were some kind of solution.

Who are the the barbarians, conceivably the politicians?

What is the problem?


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  1. Nicholas Squeers said,

    I’m a member of a ‘hard-working Australian family’, and I’ve always agreed with Dickens, that ‘charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.’
    I feel sorry for refugees and boat people, but what about our Aborigines? If anyone needs help they do, and what about other Australians who would like to be hard working but have no jobs? We seem to be continually building detention centres at taxpayers’ expense. The latest idea is to build a regional processing centre in East Timor, which incidently does not have the approval of the government of East Timor yet, but if it is approved one can be sure it’ll cost millions, all paid for by ‘hard-working Australian families’. Look at the buildings left after the demise of the ‘Pacific Solution’, and what about Christmas Island, and the other detention centres thoughout Australia? More costly relics of failed government policies, and less available resources for Aborigines and hard-working Australians.

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