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Many Australians would be in complete sympathy with Miranda Devine’s view in “More shabby treatment in the greatest love story ever told”, and decry Bob Hawke’s treatment of Hazel, so much for “in sickness and in health”. In his interview with Kerry O’Brian, Hawke talks a lot about love, and I guess, eros is a form of love, even if Bob tries to flavour it with aspects of philia and agape. Let’s face it, in the rather crude terminology of the age Bob was a ‘pants man’ who left his wife of many years in her time of need.—————————————————————————————————————–I find it a pleasure to read the Herald’s News Review Section at the weekend.

Particularly when Miranda Devine writes an Opinion piece and this is followed by Mike Carlton’s article on the back page.

I know an analogy with Judy and Punch, Punch and Judy is not entirely apt, but I’m still tempted to make it.

After reading an article by Miranda (Judy), I’m usually convinced by her arguments and say to myself, ‘Miranda is right.’ My wife always says of me that I’m easily convinced, be that as it may. When I come to Mike’s (Mr Punch’s) piece, I find that Miranda’s (Judy’s) powers of persuasion are somewhat diminished. This was the case today with “How fortress Australia lost face” and “Gillard summons mongrel of xenophobia with dog whistle”.

Please excuse my irrational ramblings and rather tactless analogy, but what I’m probably trying to say is that I enjoy reading what you both write.


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