A trip to the Sepik in January, 1978

October 7, 2010 at 7:57 am (Angoram, Papua New Guinea, PNG, Wewak) (, , , , , , )

Dave Wall, Pete Johnson, Wewak

Boram Beach, Wewak & haus tambaran, Angoram

Boram Beach & Ron Perry, Wewak Hills

Cemetery end of the airstrip, Angoram

Angoram, Jim Koeser, Fr Dwyer in Gavien

Wewak gas depot & Wall and Johnson at Boram

Sepik River, Ron Perry, trade store

Tobacco Rd, Angoram, Las Kampani, Angoram & Wewak

Fr Fons Ruijter's setup in Gavien, his vehicle on Tobacco Rd, Angoram

Sub-district office, hospital, Angoram, Wom, Johnson & Koeser outside post office, Angoram


Priceless artefact

Angoram shots

Angoram, Perry & Wall in Wewak

Mankimasta, Angoram, Wewak, Pete Johnson, Cape Wom

Catholic Mission, Angoram, Wewak Road, Angoram

Wall, Johnson, Koeser and maybe Elizabeth, Sepik River

Wewak, Angoram & Wewak (?)

Boram, Dave Wall


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