“The world hates the man who’s getting a bit.”

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Jeremiah Jones


   The philosopher who made the statement of this title page spoke volumes of wisdom. The world is full of males and females, the vast majority of whom have missed out sexually.  A few, but a very few males, have got and are getting more than they can handle from most desireable women. It is of these fortunate men that I now write.

   Men go through life with, as it were, their tongues hanging out, and with minds wondering how they can convince women to give them access to their bodies. Most are denied this access, and as a result they compensate for this by becoming moralists, killjoys, bores and prigs. Filled with jealousy about the few who actually get a bit. The moralists, most of whom have never had a good roll in the hay, are keen to make sure others don’t get what they have missed out of.

   In this piece, I speak of only of those whom one would describe as red-blooded heterosexual men. I have no interest in those who fancy choir or altar boys, and others perversely desired, however, I’m always ready to admit that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, and each to his own.

   A recent series of events in Sydney highlights the thrust of this article: the Kristy Fraser-Kirk and Mark McInnes dispute – a lawsuit of $37 million and a settlement of $850,000. The substance of Fraser-Kirk’s complaint centred on the touching of her bra strap, and attempts to kiss her, and putting the hard word on her, by McInnes, and asking her to go home with him. I don’t think there is any dispute about the fact that McInnes is a notorious pantsman, and has had considerable success with many beautiful women. Such a man walks on ice, and is threatened by a smoldering sense of envy in society, and even hate that such a man is, in the words of our philosopher  “getting a bit”.

   Be it not for me to advise an experienced pantsman like McInnes, but in the Fraser-Kirk incident he made a number of classic mistakes: he showed hesitancy and indecisiveness; a quick move was called for rather than the preliminaries of touching bra straps and trying to kiss. Let me remind McInnes that the British Empire was not build on indecisiveness, but was lost by politicans pandering to the whims and caprices of lily-livered liberals. His main mistake was, and one often made, by the experienced, getting- on- a- little roues, was to go for a much younger woman – very often fatal and to say the least a little unfair to Fraser-Kirk. He should confine his sexual advances to women over thirty.

   McInnes’ very success with desireable women makes him a target for those who resent his conquests. On a much larger front, poor old Profumo was more a spit in the face on the stuffy old men of power than he ever was compromised by national security issues, because of his affair with Christine Keeler. The thought of many at the time was, why should he be getting a bit from a sexy piece like Keeler when at the same time being married to a beautiful woman like Valerie Hobson,” it’s not fair while we’re missing out!”

   Most of us in life have to be content with our lot. Some get the women of their dreams but most don’t. For those who don’t, don’t let yourself be consumed by envy, allow those others to happily get their bit. My friend, the philosopher responsible for the title of this piece lived on the Sepik River many years ago, and he had to satisfy his sexual desires with a women he called the Black Bat, not the most attractive woman in the world, but the sage  never complained and he was quite happy to see others doing much better with women who were far more desireable than the Black Bat. He often said, “good luck to them”. 

   I think it’s somewhere in Somerset Maugham’s The Narrow Corner, where the handsome Austratian, Fred, feels the disapproval of some for his affair with the beautiful Louise, and the narrator assures him that only those not presented with the opportunity to so indulge themselves would be critical of him.

The views expressed in this piece are those of the author, Jeremiah Jones, and do not necessarily represent those of the publisher/writer of this blog.


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  1. deberigny said,

    Some might think it’s rather ironic that Mr McInnes still retains his board seat with the Sydney Roosters. (“Employers brace for wave of copycat sex claims”,The Sydney Morning Herald, October 19). But when you think about it, it only proves, that once a rooster always a rooster.

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