Recently discovered notes and cards from Goya Henry

October 27, 2010 at 1:47 am (expatriates, Goya Henry, Papua New Guinea) (, , , , , )

Greetings from Goya 1968

Greetings from Goya 1967

Letter from Goya


I was thrilled to see that I still had this correspondence from Goya.

When war broke out Goya immediately volunteered for the RAAF, but he was rejected on medical grounds because of his lost leg. At about the same time he met a senior RAAF officer, who incidentally he had taught to fly. This man said to him: “Goya, the RAAF will never take you for three reasons – first you are not a Catholic second you are not a Mason, and third you can fly a plane!”


  1. don orr said,

    Hi David ,
    Delighted to see Goya`s Christmas cards ….many thanks for posting them on line …just typical of Goya`s wonderful irreverent outlook on everything including nonsensible & restrictive flying regs, May his free spirit fly on for ever …we need more like him .I am pretty sure that the cartoons were drawn by his close friend SMH cartoonist & fellow pilot Jack Lusby who served with distinction in the RAAF during WW2. Goya used to fold “Jolly Roger`s ” wings & push her over state borders then fold them out again to save intrastate flying taxes …. Don Orr , nephew

  2. Jim Burton said,

    Rob Parer ex Aitape PNG has led me into researching Goya Henry. I’m delighted to read of another colorful character of PNG’s pre-Independance days. Goya reminds me of Bill Wiltshire, another colorful aviator. Who knew Bill personally as I did in Vila New Hebrides in 1967, or maybe knew of him and has another story to tell?

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  4. Christmas cards from Goya Henry « Stories by David Wall said,

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