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Translation of Pidgin caption... "Asaro mudmen weighing their coffee & getting money".

“Painting,  Kas bilong didiman – you can post it on your blog if you think it is of interest. A coffee shop here in Frankston has a few paintings by this artist. They are associated with some talatala mission & use the proceeds from paintings, coffee, & other artefacts to support their missionary endeavours.”     Alan Pretty
An imaginative and interesting work by a talented artist. The painting is signed but the exact name eludes me. I would be interested to get comments about this work.
Alan, thanks for supplying this.


  1. Alpal said,

    The artist is John Siune, the painting acrylic on canvas, 710mm X 860mm.
    I will get some more details and let you know ASAP

  2. James said,

    Naispela piksa!

  3. Mary-Clare Adam said,

    John Siune is a member of the wider Kauage family. I believe he is
    a nephew of the legendary Matthias Kauage. I have a couple of
    paintings by Siune, including his colorful and imaginative
    “Family Fishing”.

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