Aunty Ali’s 70th Birthday Party

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Aunty Ali Golding's 70th Birthday Party


Aunty Ali Golding is a highly respected and prominent Aboriginal elder and at her 70th birthday celebration, she was given a number of moving tributes from her family and friends. I’m afraid that my rather stumbling and inadequate words didn’t do her justice. But for what they are worth here they are. 

What can I say about Ali, and what do I like about her? It is her boundless sense of humour and basic humanity. She treats all people with like regard and sends a message of reconciliation – not that she suffers fools or bullies lightly. I once asked her how she reacted to the rude and unkind?“I flatten them.” I’m sure she only meant this figuratively, but then again, she could have learnt some moves from her friend Choc. She can be fierce in the face of injustice. 

As regards humour – her dear sister, Anne, who is no longer with us once claimed that she had a vegetable that cured everything. Later Anne told us about a medical complaint she had. I looked at Ali and mentally we exchanged thoughts as if to say why Anne didn’t try her ‘cure-all’? 

A friend of mine once said that he didn’t have to try and find God because God finds him whenever he opens his eyes or mind, as it were. Likewise, I suspect with Ali that God finds her. 

As Pete said, you have mixed with the great of many lands and places – the Queen and Nelson Mandela. But you, Ali, are the greatest! 

You are not easily surprised but I did surprise you once when I told you that I was moving into ‘the Block’ (Redfern). 

Ali, you are the deadliest of the ‘deadlies’ – one in a million, we all love you.

Thank you for your friendship to our family, and happy birthday!


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  1. platelicking said,

    Well said David. She is the one and only.

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