2011 Sepik Iron Man Event marred by lawlessness in Wewak


Someone said, “I have a dream”, I think it was David Andrew de Berigny Wall, thinking
aloud of the Sepik Ironman; a true challenge for a man of 75 years! Alas Dave,
the dream is over. Seven or eight years ago, the “whitemen” of Wewak decided to
make a statement during the newly conceived “Ironman.” There were four of them,
all over sixty. Their message, “We are senior citizens, we also can compete. We
are Sepik long-term residents, we can’t win, but we can take part. To Sepiks, we
are an active element of your community. Sadly 2011 will prove to have been
their last “Ironman.” Of the early participants, Ian Boatwood now lives in USA,
Dieter Idzikowsky (72) died on Wewak golf course in January ; Peter Johnson now
73, a cancer survivor, ran his last 5 km at 70. Chris Rose (62) and Bill
Humphrey (58) tried manfully to keep the light burning, but they
ended needing Theo and Pious, two teenage Sepiks to make up the numbers. A
most determined ex-Sepik from Sydney, Dave Wall attempted to join them, but
unpunished stupidity and a bushel of broken bottles on Boram airstrip foiled
the effort. As a team, the last white Iron man has passed – R.I.P.

Peter Johnson.

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