Latham shoots straight from the shoulder!

February 6, 2011 at 4:08 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Whatever you think of Mark any fair- minded person would have to say that he’s a straight shooter. You can agree or disagree with him but he says what he thinks, and that’s more than you can say for most of our politicians today, whatever the complexion of their party affiliation.

Take his recent criticism of Prime Minister Julia Gillard that “she is not a naturally empathetic person – displaying, for instance, noticeable discomfort around infant children”. The press or at least The Sun-Herald, February 6, 2011, concludes from this that Latham is saying that those who choose not to have children are unable to love. I can’t see a direct quote of his to support this conclusion but it might reflect the general direction of his thoughts.

In defence of Julia, I don’t think she has ever claimed to be the mother of the nation or for that matter a great supporter of the Christian concept of marriage. Her decision to be childless may well be for very good reasons, after all, Tim Mathieson, her de facto partner, has three adult children, two by a former wife and one love child. This all in all could be said to be enough for both of them, and perhaps inspired her decision to be childless.  Love could be said to be in Julia’s circle “… a many-splendored thing.” But if Mark feels that her childless state reflects on her capacity to love he’s entitled to say it.

Whatever Latham says, the Australian taxpayers should realize that his words don’t come cheap, when you consider the considerable Commonwealth Parliamentary Pension he’s on.

(In reference to the title:

IDIOM: straight from the shoulder 
hunting, shooting and western

MEANING 1: to hold a gun up at the shoulder and shoot it 
SENTENCE 1: Hold the gun and shoot it straight from the shoulder.

MEANING 2: to be frank 
SENTENCE 2: I want to hear the news, good or bad. Let’s hear it, straight from the shoulder.

DERIVATION: The usual way of shooting a gun is to hold it level and pressed to the shoulder.

Source: American English Sports And Games Idioms)



  1. Political Tarot said,

    That man is an absolute fool. While I respect his ability to be frank – I wish the rest of our politicians were – this remark is uncalled for, stupid, untrue and irrelevant.

    She looks perfectly at ease with kids and who cares if she’s not – who says she’s supposed to be? Idiotic remarks like Latham’s transport us to some imagined place where women spend there lives coo-ing over babies and reproducing.

    If she was a MAN would he think it matters so much?

    Funny how no-one brings up the “love child” Abbott once thought he had (which is equally irrelevant but being used here to illustrate my point). Julia’s personal life needs to be left alone.

    Thanks for bringing this up. I enjoyed your post and I hope others think Latham needs to shut his mouth on the issue!

  2. Observer said,

    Best response goes to former Premier Joan Kirner. ”My view is that it must be hard for Mark to gain a place in the sun these days and my particular view on his comment is that it is truly beneath comment.”

    I am getting mightily sick of the automatic canonisation of anyone who reproduces and the demonisation of those who choose not to.

    Someone may want to point out to Mark the stats on child abuse. A childless person, when compared to a parent, is less likely to mentally, physically and/or sexually abuse or even murder a child.

    Not saying all parents are child-abusers but the sizable bulk of child-abusers are parents.

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