Changing attitudes to social mores

February 8, 2011 at 3:44 am (Papua New Guinea, PNG) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

I’m reminded of something that happened in Maprik in the East Sepik District in 1970.

David Hay, the Administrator of PNG, and his wife, Alison, were on a visit to outstations and sub-district administrative centres in the Territory prior to them leaving.

On arriving in Maprik they were to stay with the Assistant District Commissioner (ADC). On learning that the ADC was living with a woman without the benefit of nuptials, Alison refused to stay with them, and David Hay and his wife were housed elsewhere.

Let us project ourselves to present-day Australia. Julia Gillard, our PM, is living with a man without the benefit of nuptials, and apparently it’s not considered good form to even comment, poor Alison!

I do really think Julia would be doing herself and the Australian community a favour if she regulated her association with ‘the first bloke’, Tim Mathieson. You can’t tell me that her travelling overseas with Tim creates a good impression in conservative countries in Asia, Africa and South America to say nothing of Australasia and the Pacific Islands, where there are many ‘Alisons’ still alive.

So Julia, get your act together and make an honest man of Tim, if not for yourself at least for your country! 

Queen Victoria, it is said, would shut her eyes and think of England when making love to Albert. I’m certainly not asking Julia to emulate her in this, but only to share Queen Victoria’s abounding love of country.



  1. Antony Ruhan said,

    Kennedy, Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, …, Jon Du Won (president when I was in Korea in the 1980s and onwards, Berlusconi, the French presidents (???), Mao Tse Tung with his stable of young peasant girls to service him, Peron and other politicians in S.America, all exhausted themselves chasing women, as do celebrities and film stars whom people want to know about.
    Warnie leads our sportsmen – but not by much over the NRL players who attack teenage girls randomly in the streets, when teenage girls don’t fall over themselves chasing the players.
    I won’t go on: there is too much matter to write about, if you feel it is interesting.
    One SMH woman journo recently wrote that some mothers of teen age school girls living on the north side of Sydney complained that their daughters were fellating boys from the local schools on the trains going back home after school.
    “And so it goes …”, as Kurt Vonnegut wrote in his novel about the allied bombing of Dresden in WW 11.
    Why worry about poor Julia?

  2. There is something about Julia Gillard that many in the electorate don’t like! | Stories by David Wall said,

  3. Janine Wyatt said,

    For God’s sake leave Julia alone! I’d prefer 100 Julia’s to 1 Tony Abbott!
    Men and the media need to wake up to themselves.

  4. Andrew Marke. said,

    The Victorians, those oracles of morality and good taste, would have been horrified but realistically, would anyone like to marry Tim Mathieson? Perhaps the fact that the very temporary P.M. keeps company with him, unwed, is partly why she is so unpopular.
    Alison, with those ideals, would have made a lovely wife for me: the sort I have been looking for for 50 years.
    No comment from the ultra left David Augusta who not only supports homosexual marriage but rubbishes people like me who oppose it.
    It is quite likely that these sort of people rage for homo marriage while supporting all activity outside hetero marriage.
    The wages of sin remain unhappiness. Tony Abbott understands this.
    A.C.T. Marke.

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