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(By request, another instalment by J.P. Priestly – long awaited for by many of this blog’s readers.)

 Well! Along with “The Wicked Witch from the West” (Gillard) we have “The Humbug from Ohio” (Keneally) – both equally disingenuous, both full of talk and not much action or productive effort for the country, Australia. Certainly, both conniving as the ‘WWW’, stabbed Rudd in the back to gain office, the ‘Ohio Humbug’ gained office dubiously, and ‘jumped ship’ as the leader of the Labor Party, displaying herself as a sore loser and gutless – a bit of acting that would have won her the Academy Award.

Instead of staying on, as the best available leader to do the hard work by making Labor a worthwhile opposition, she quits. Why? The answer is: there is not much glitz and glamour (which is what she is all about) in being Opposition leader. Keneally, by doing what she has done by resigning as Labor leader, has proved she is just a “female show pony” posing like a female glamorous model – long on rhetoric and short on results. The real reason the ‘Ohio Humbug’ has gone to the back bench is, so she’s available to try her hand in Canberra when ‘WWW’ destroys herself in self-mutilation.

She clearly is all show, no substance. The pièce de résistance’, this good Catholic (allegedly) is, she left a ‘black hole’ of $4.5 billion in the budget that is unaccounted. I suppose the ‘Ohio Humbug’ will claim ignorance, but ignorance is no excuse before the law. And then, she will go to confession and absolve herself. Disgraceful! She ought to be charged for fraudulent misrepresentation.

The big difference between ‘WWW’ and the ‘Ohio Humbug’ is one is as ugly as sin; and the other is glamorous and garrulous, but both are inept and insincere.

Finally, I ask: is there any honesty in politics? Or is it the accepted credo of politicians, ‘not how honest you are, but how clever you are at being dishonest’. This is not the ethos of Australians of – honesty, integrity and fairness for all. Let them both go back from where whence they came.

 Signed: JPP

The views expressed in this article are those of the author, J.P. Priestley, and don’t necessarily reflect those of this blog.



  1. Cedric Meyer said,

    I found this to be a strange piece of work. Is the writer expecting the reader to take him seriously? Political profiles, if indeed one may describe the portrayals here as such, should give supporting evidence, and not just emotional outbursts. Perhaps the writer is just anti-women. Whatever case he is trying to make he seems intent on condemning the two women, who are the subject of his article purely on the looks of them. One being described as ‘ugly as sin’, and the other as ‘glamorous and garrulous, but both are inept and insincere.’ This is hardly a knock out blow for these two politicians! In the past I’ve enjoyed reading this blog but if you go on publishing tripe like this, I think, I’ll give it away in the future.

  2. Antony Ruhan said,

    The diatribe merely vented spleen. It also showed hostility to women. It has no value and should not have been printed.

    Also, David, why did you print the article on the English clergy and Jesuits a century or so ago? What interest does the maneuvering of a few clergymen so long ago have? The comments and antics of present day clergymen have little interest, much less those in an England distant in space and time? A lot of us have moved on.

  3. Clara Cabeza said,

    This essay is exactly what ‘piece de resistance’ is not. While the writing is dismal in style and content, it did not even attempt to be subtle in hiding its sexism and lack of political sophistication. What we get are cliched ideas and phrases to describe Gillard and Keneally, arguably the two most important leaders of Australia at one point. But, of course, they happen to be women. I am not a cheerleader for Gillard and Keneally but this kind of writing is just a waste of blog space — it being free and democratic. I also can’t believe this is a ‘long awaited’ essay; what I look forward to now is Mr. Priestly’s follow up to this one, and it better delivers what it promises.

  4. J.P. Priestly said,

    It is not my policy, usually, to justify my actions or opinions because as an open-minded person, they are ipso facto.

    However, for those who cannot understand plain English, by the way, I think Mr Ruhan means, ‘this diatribe is merely venting spleen’, or so he thinks, and for those who have their own prejudices and predilections, and for those who are feminists, and otherwise socialists, viz, Messrs Meyer, Ruhan and Ms Cabeza – herewith: In the first instance, I am not attacking women per se, let alone ‘WWW’ and the ‘Ohio Humbug’ – it just happens that two of our political leaders who are women also happen to be inept as I say. (Naturally, to gain impact, I attack their ‘Achilles heels’ and their prominent features.) In fact, I love women – married to one for 50 years.

    Perhaps for those who spend most of their time on the internet and forget to listen to the radio,look at television, and read the newspapers, they would not have noted that Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, George Negus, and Phillip Adams, condemn consistently both ‘WWW’ (Gillard) and the ‘Ohio Humbug’ (Keneally) for their incapacities, not because they are women but because they are unsuitable for their respective jobs.

    I’m neither Labor, nor Liberal, nor Greens, I vote the ‘leaders’ rather than the parties – and these two, ‘WWW’ and the ‘Ohio Humbug’, are absolute neophytes – they could not run ‘a ham and beef shop’, let alone governments. Evidence was also submitted before, on 8 April 2011, in the first article, of a $4.5 billion black hole – I repeat, the ‘Ohio Humbug’ left NSW in a terrible state, and has even been condemned by some in her own party, to wit, John Faulkner, which is as I say, she ought to have been charged for fraudulent misrepresentation, and if she had done the same thing in corporate life, she would have been charged and convicted.

    Incidentally, for those who think I’m tarred with the Liberal brush, Abbott has got to lift his game: (a) in terms of image like ‘a broken down Goondiwindi cowboy’ and walks like one; and (b) his ‘ums and ahs’ are certainly not Oxonian English. En passant, Mr Meyer would do well to disagree agreeably, plus he should know the figurative meaning of ‘piece de resistance’ – hope we don’t lose you!

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