“The Commonwealth and Queensland Governments have decided to shut down vital tuberculosis clinics in the Torres Strait. Experts now fear that the problem could spread to the mainland.”

April 20, 2011 at 11:18 am (Papua New Guinea) (, , , , )


Click onto the above site and try to think of ways to reverse any thoughts by our policy makers to shut down tuberculosis clinics, treating PNG citizens in the Torres Strait Islands.

Drug-resistant strains of TB in PNG are not only disastrous for our neighbour, but if Australia does not help PNG tackle them, eventually and inevitably we will have them in Australia. Of course, there are cases in Australia even now, but we don’t want the situation to get worse!


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  1. deberigny said,

    “Australia has banned all travel between its Torres Strait Islands and Papua New Guinea, as health authorities keep a close eye on a malaria outbreak on the islands of Saibai and Dauan.

    The ban also aims to prevent malarial patients from Papua New Guinea placing further strain on an already fragile health system.

    Travel restrictions were put in place on March 28, with some exemptions for traditional activities of significance.

    But a spokesperson from the department of foreign affairs and trade says allowances will no longer be made for activities under the Torres Strait Treaty.”

    Source: Australia Network News ABC

    How disgraceful this is. Even in our own interests Australia should be more directly involved in helping the people in PNG with their health issues. We left the place far too soon. Is there any wonder that PNG is in such a mess? We send troops off to far-distant lands at great expense, and yet we balk at treating people from our former colony suffering from malaria and TB. The Commonwealth should do something about this, not later, but now!

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