Sepik Ironman

May 3, 2011 at 2:52 am (PNG, Wewak) (, , , , , , )

There is a lot of speculation in Wewak about the identity of the Australian swimmer who has been invited by the Lapun Team to represent them in the Sepik Ironman swim on the Queen’s Birthday weekend this year.

Reuters news reports that two prominent Wewak residents: Messrs. Johnson and Rose were interviewed, but they were playing their cards pretty close to the chest.

All that can be ascertained is that the swimmer is a man in peak physical condition. And it’s said that in his approach to water, he is inspired by Mao Zedong’s swim across the Yangtze River in 1966 and Adrian Bird’s swim across the Sepik River in 1969.

It is also known that he is now in intensive training at a university aquatic centre under the tutelage of a protege of the late Professor Frank Cotton.

Who is this elusive swimmer? Even the date of his expected arrival in Wewak is shrouded in mystery.

All that can be said is that the Lapun Team members in Wewak give the impression that they have some sort of secret weapon in the person of this swimmer.



  1. Wayne Cross said,

    If I was in the swim so as to not only make it but pull up in good stead I would be considering as follows. There is no question Peter and Chris wont do it and to assist I offer this well researched piece of dietary advice.
    Suggested Local Prep Diet :
    Day before
     Pitpit in coconut milk with water cress, not kang kong.
     Lightly stir fried snake beans ( equal to steak) with native tomato, spring onions, chili , garlic, ginger, curry , water cress, next to fresh grilled fish or tin fish and boiled brown rice – protein max out
     Papaya after, bananas through the day
     Banana before bed
     Drinks only plenty of young Kulau or green tea or black tea with honey & or lemon or lime

    On the day arising
     Water cress juice – 2 tablespoons (juicer or vitamiser )
     Kulau minimum 250ml ( 3 times Gatorade LA Olympics official drink)
     Spanish mackerel with lime and chili slices,
     Water cress steamed, in soup or lightly stir fried
     2 Boiled or poached eggs
     For hunger bananas = potassium for the heart very low fat. Cashew nuts as in local water chestnuts, peanuts, guava (vitamin c). The best you can get locally probably is fresh water cress chopped fine spread thick on good whole meal bread and slight butter. The Brits got it right. Water cress sandwiches You cannot beat water cress. It’s loaded in vitamins and minerals. viz – a – viz research South Hampton Uni
    Hopefully God willing we will not only be with them in spirit and mind but the suggested diet for what I do know from long research will keep them well nourished and possibly save two heroes and a third maybe , hoping their bodies will get over the shock.!
    As long as they swim(ex RLSS Examiner & Instructor) with the tide and the Pukpuks and Noah arks are already well fed it should be in the Guinness Book of Records as Who Else Can Equal It.
    Suggestion Call Guinness now seeing Reuters are around as this is a Grand Event. It won’t Happen Again.

  2. deberigny said,

    Unfortunately, the ‘elusive swimmer’ didn’t arrive. After riots the airstrip at Wewak was closed during the Sepik Ironman Event.

  3. An interesting look back! | Stories by David Wall said,

  4. Peter said,

    Does anyone remember Noel Butler from Wewak? If so, please email Peter at

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