A contestant Sepik Ironman swimmer is back in the pool!

May 24, 2011 at 5:03 am (Commentary, Papua New Guinea, Sepik Ironman, Wewak)

The good news is that our swimmer is back into training. Ironman officials Messrs Johnson and Rose in Wewak are delighted as they were finding it very difficult to find a suitable replacement for him.

He has been given a clear bill of health from his doctor after a severe bout of flu, and his trainer, Sir Ernest Spender, now has him on a build up programme in the pool. To see him now in the pool is an inspiration. His speed is remarkable! Ernest now has him back on Sepik water and kango.

What with the example, he has of Chairman Mao and Adrian Bird, commonly known as the Birdman, in their great swims of rivers, the Ironman competition will be a piece of cake. Incidentally, it was not 1969 that Adrian swam the Sepik, but 1970. I have this on very good authority from a witness and a past prominent Angoram resident, Sandra King.

It has been said that the swimmer has been in communication with the PNG PM Sir Michael Somare who from his sickbed in Singapore has sent him words of encouragement. This cannot be officially verified, but if true imagine what a boost this would be to our swimmer.

Once again we can say: move over Thorpey your measure has been taken!


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