A Sepik Iron Man in my dreams!

June 10, 2011 at 9:31 am (Commentary, PNG, Sepik Ironman, Wewak)

Two Sepik Ironmen

It seems that the locals got a bit out of hand last weekend and wrecked the airstrip. I’m not sure exactly what happened but it meant that my flight to Wewak tomorrow was very uncertain. So goodbye to my Sepik Iron Man Swim on Sunday.

I’m now in training for the 2012 Sepik Iron Man Event.

The attached photos will give you an idea of my quality as a contestant. It is rumoured that the other swimmers in this year’s event are very relieved that I won’t be there.



  1. Anonymous said,

    Great, Dave, love the goggles and snorkel. Maybe they trashed the airstrip to stop the competition from arriving! Sarah

    • Leonie Ebert said,

      Hi David
      Quite the man about the swim. Love the legs. Keep up the training

  2. Beng said,

    Dave, you’re the coolest septuagenarian out there! Sepik Ironman is not the same without you. Too bad.

  3. Antony Ruhan said,


    The last time I saw you, you had snowy hair. How have you changed your hair colour to black, and who is the tall, snowy haired bloke standing alongside you?


  4. stéph said,

    dear david,
    i am currently gathering information on ingeborg de beausacq; the german explorer who came in new guinea in 1957.
    i know she knew henry goya, that you may have met.
    we are about to write a biography; as well as an article in the Tribal art magasine.
    best regards and thanks for your help

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