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September 16, 2011 at 12:17 pm (Education, Papua New Guinea, Sepik River)

The Sepik Institute For Higher Learning

Keram River ESP

Papua New Guinea

Email: higherlearning@yahoo.com.pg

Position vacant: Course compiler and student coordinator

The Institute is a grassroots organization that caters for
gifted students. The person we seek for the above position must be an educated
man of mature years who’s not afraid to challenge our students to strive for
greater things. We would tend to favour a man with a military and legal
background. The person we want should be steeped in the Anglican tradition with
a love of the Book of Common Prayer and the Authorized Version. His eschatology
would embrace the Rapture, Tribulation, Armageddon and the Second Coming of the
Lord. Our institution has no protocols but only the Ten Commandants. The
science we promote is biblically based and not evolutionary.

This is a career position for a dedicated and hard-working
pedagogue, should you be such a person we would like to hear from you.

The successful applicant will live on the fat of the land,
all the saksak and fish he can eat,
leave every five years and paid return fares to Sydney with accommodation
provided for a fortnight at the residence of an Institute supporter in Newtown.
The honorarium will be more than generous and over five years will amount to
thousands of dollars.

All applications shall be treated in the strictest

Brian de Solomon PhD

Institute Guardian

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“My Life on Karkar Island” by John M. Middleton

September 7, 2011 at 3:53 am (Book review, James Sinclair, John M. Middleton, Karkar Island, Papua New Guinea)

"My Life on Karkar Island" by John M. Middleton

My Life on Karkar Island

John Middleton with James Sinclair ISBN: 978186333320, 367 pages b&w & col
photos + maps Published 2011 by Crawford House , PO Box 50, Belair SA  5052  $39.95 + $11.00 postage

This is a tale about the intriguing and interesting Middleton family told by its present
senior member, Sir John Middleton. It is a chronicle of the ups and downs of
the Middletons and their habitat, Karkar Island. All started by Max, John’s
father, last century and continuing with his children and grandchildren.

Sir John’s easy conversational style of writing coloured with the obvious amusement he has with the antics of human behaviour gives the reader rare insights into PNG’s  colonial and post-colonial life. Much of the book is documented oral history.
And the remarks and comments by James Sinclair create a historical framework
that puts the lives of the Middletons in focus in a continually changing social
and political situation in Papua New Guinea.

William Maxwell Middleton, known as Max, created the plantation empire on Karkar and it
has more or less survived in spite of war, political and social changes. John,
his son, extended the family’s influence beyond the confines of Karkar Island
to the larger sphere of an emerging independent PNG. He’s received the accolades
of a grateful nation. But this book isn’t just a social history but an amusing
read written by a gifted raconteur with a twinkle in his eye.

Highly recommended!

David Wall

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