Hala Sofia, the triumphant of the Mestiza

October 5, 2011 at 6:07 am (Commentary)

Hala Sofia

Is she Saxon? Is she French? Is she of Tornatras descent? Is she

A Filipina beauty with blond hair and blue eyes presents a

The blood of Tagalog nobility, Spanish grandees, Dutch and French noblemen and noblewomen

flows  strongly in her veins.

To say nothing of her Saxon, English, Dutch, Irish, Malay and Chinese ancestry,

and in the mix a Polish general!

A decree went out that a child would be born and there were
great celebrations in heaven and hades by the Whowalls, Ruizes,Guidos,Sidorowicz,
Banachowicz, Masons, McCauliffes, Van Kernagaars and de Berignys.

It was said that at her birth she could recite the Iliad, but
now at two she only says: “I want yummy for my tummy.”

The cards are in her favour but her Christian baptism is in
the wings.

What fate awaits her, this modern biological gem?

Only time will tell.

The signs are favourable for even her name is associated
with wisdom.

This international child is a 21st century gift
to Australia.



  1. Anonymous said,

    Oh Dave, it is so sweet of you to write this celebratory poem for your granddaughter. (Yes, your lines have rhyme and rhythm.)

    She really is a beauty!

  2. Anonymous said,

    That’s me, Beng.

  3. Peter Johnson said,

    Beautiful child, fascinating writing. Very touching…

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