Mindless tree chopping around Wewak

January 19, 2012 at 5:04 am (Commentary, East Sepik Province, Wewak)

Chopping trees down in Wewak

( Photo supplied by a concerned Wewak resident)

On a recent visit to Wewak, I was shocked to see that a number of beautiful rain trees had been cut down on the drive from Boram to town.

Apparently, from what I have heard, the powers to be, are at it again with tree cutting taking place along the southern boundary of the sports field (Prince Charles’ Oval).

I know there have been appeals made to the authorities to stop this mindless destruction of beautiful trees, but it appears that the cutting and hacking are to be continued.

What is it that the planning authorities in Wewak want to turn their town into – a hot dusty wasteland garnished with litter? It would seem to many people, that this is what they are doing.

On behalf of my many Wewak friends, I can only appeal to the Governor, Administrator and Town Commission, to immediately stop the destruction of the trees in Wewak.

It’s not too late, many trees can be saved!


  1. Bob Hayward said,

    This happened many years ago in Angoram town as well. The supposed reason then was that the road along which the rain trees lived prevented the sun from drying the water in the potholes. You may add my name to the Wewak prevention list

  2. Carolyn Leigh and Ron Perry said,

    Please add our names to the prevent cutting of the rain trees list:
    Carolyn Leigh and Ron Perry

    If the town wants to appeal to visitors, especially tourists, they need to leave the trees. The hotel operators should be out in front on this one.
    The trees will also break and slow any storm surges, otherwise, there is nothing to stop the ocean from washing right up to the foot of the hills.

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