Bryan Martin’s photographs

January 29, 2012 at 2:38 am (Angoram, Bryan Martin, Dan Rolfe, Don Bosgard, Larraine Donaldson, Len Pascoe, Papua New Guinea, Peter England, Sepik River)

Comment/Email from Bryan Martin

What a surprise to find this site. I did a Google search for Peter England. I was in Angoram in 1962, as the teacher of the Primary A school, with 10 students. I remember the club very well and played many games of billards and snooker, as well as table tennis. I shared a house with Don Bosgard for the year. I was asked to tutor Peter and Meg’s daughter Sharni, in maths. Sharni and I used to swap records, and I escorted her to the weekly movie. Other names that are in the memory bank are Dan Rolfe, John Pasquarelli, and Pierre Donaldson, whose daughter Larraine I taught. I recently scanned my many slides into the computer, bringing back many memories.



  1. Norman Wilson said,

    Seem to have a problem enlarging the photographs. Is it me or the system?

    • David Wall said,

      Yes there is a problem!

      • David Wall said,

        Now OK!

  2. Harry Redmond said,

    The person in the center of the top photo is myself – Harry Redmond – In that period I was opening up the patrol post on the Karawari River (Amboin) and must have come down to Angoram for Anzac Day. I think the person to the left with the open shirt is John Pasqauarelli.

    In the fourth photo on the left can be seen Pierre Donaldson who was thr A.D.O. Angoram at the time.

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