Angoram visitors

February 11, 2012 at 5:58 am (Adolf Hitler, Angoram, Kim Jong-il, Mao Zedong, Sepik River)

Adolf Hitler, Kim Jong-il, Mao Zedong


There’s no doubt in my mind that Kim Jong-il and Mao Zedong were certainly in the Sepik, and I’m fairly certain that Adolf Hitler was there also.

A novelist, the Commander, as he is known to his acquaintances, has researched this matter quite extensively, and he believes that a visit by the Führer could well have been possible. Many Germans maintain that Hitler survived the war and got out of Germany, if he did, he would have joined like-minded people abroad.

You might asked , where would he find them? We all know that South America attracted many Nazis – the boys from Brazil and the like, but what is not generally known is that a number went to the former German colony of New Guinea.

The Commander has established that a discreet Nazi cell existed upriver beyond Ambunti for a number of years, and such a community, for that’s what it was, could well have hidden Adolf.

Why would have Hitler chosen New Guinea? In the 1930s one of his most pressing demands was the return of the German colonies that were taken after the First World War. He perhaps may have thought that he could work for this in a former colony.

There is further evidence that Hitler did come to New Guinea. There lived in Maprik an ex-German submarine commander who went by the first name of Fred. I knew him because for a number of years he worked for Malaria Service. Well, to make a long story short, he more or less told me one night when we were both pissed  that he escaped Germany by submarine, and brought the Führer up the Sepik River where he was met by a number of compatriots. The submarine was scuttled just near the Chambri Lakes.

Masta Bob, a recruiter and Sepik identity, told me about this rather strange character he met in Angoram in the late 1940s. In fact, he said, he looked just like Hitler. He acted like him – non-drinker, speaking mainly German but with a marked tendency to wave his hands and make speeches. He offered to take him to Kambaramba to as it were to get his end in, but he wasn’t interested. He talked a lot about May River and Green River. Bob, took it that he lived somewhere in these uncontrolled areas.

Until the Commander or someone else can elaborate, and come up with further evidence about the supposed Hitler visit, I guess the matter will just have to rest.


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  1. Alan Pretty said,

    three key words are enough to assign this theory to the same bin as the “Man never visited the Moon” & the like… (1 &2) Bob Mackie & (3) Pissed.
    I rest my case… Alpal

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