Julia, tell Kevin to go to hell!

February 17, 2012 at 1:23 am (Commentary, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Michael Somare, Peter O'Neill)

Yesterday in Parliament Christopher Pyne quoted Oliver Cromwell in an outburst against Prime Minister Gillard: “In the name of God. go!”

This is what Julia Gillard should say to Kevin Rudd in so many words, challenge or shut up. If he does have the numbers he’ll become PM, if he doesn’t, he’ll lose, and if this happens remove him from the cabinet. As PM she can’t allow the present situation to continue.

If Rudd wants to continue to be a happy little vegemite as the Australian Foreign Minister, Gillard must demand that he publicly declare his loyality to her, if not, out he goes from the cabinet.

Under the Westminister system no one has a right to be Prime Minister. The holder of this office is there if she or he has the numbers in the House of Representatives, failing this forget about it.

Many may not have liked the way Rudd was removed and they had the chance to say so in the last election, but the fact is Gillard did manage to sustain her Prime Ministership and form government after the election.

Personally, I don’t think either Julia or Kevin are necessarily the Almightly’s gifts to the Australian nation, but this is hardly the point. On a scale of one to ten I’d be inclined to give them both a poor pass, perhaps 5 1/2 each. The political reality is that one of them has the numbers in the House.

Reading over this piece I notice that God and the Almighty feature a bit. We know Julia doesn’t go along with Him or Her, while Kevin seems very involved as a church goer – a lapsed Catholic now of Anglican persuasion, or as he describes himself, a non-denominational Christian, though then again, it was reported that he took communion at the Catholic Mary Mackillop Chapel in Sydney. I wouldn’t vote for either solely on theological grounds, but in some ways, I find Julia’s upfront Atheism more attractive than Kevin’s wishy-washy Christianity.

In Papua New Guinea there are two claimants to the position of Prime Minister, Michael Somare and Peter O’Neill. One has a court decision in his favour and the other one one has a majority in the House of Assembly. This means that reasonable arguments can be mounted in suppost of both claimants.

What’s the situation in Australia today? There are two claimants, one has the numbers and the position while the other appears to have nothing but a strong desire to be PM and a sense that he’s been robbed of it previously.

Well, my advice to Kevin is, move or be damned.



  1. Anonymous said,

    We want Kevin! We want Kevin! I want a male leader to direct this country to economic prosperity. Period.

  2. Antony Ruhan said,

    Aristotle said that democracy was the least inefficient system of government. He did not say it was a good system. The Westminster system was imposed on colonial Australia, just as Australia imposed it on colonial PNG. It doesn’t fit either country well enough.
    If the system were used properly, limited goals could be reached for Australia. However, our so-called democracy does not work efficiently because the parties dissipate their energies in futile opposition to each other. Australian politicians spend their time trying to govern the parties instead of governing our country – much to the nation’s cost.
    The two party system of government and opposition does not work well enough. It has passed its day – if it ever had one. Belabouring politicians doesn’t help much.

    Let’s hear some creative criticism. instead of whingeing.

  3. Antony Ruhan said,

    People say that Greece was the home of democracy, which they held to be rule of the people. Look at Greece now.
    Greece accepted loans from the Eurozone member countries that Greece cannot repay. They may receive another loan of over one hundred billion dollars to pay for interest on existing debts and to help develop the Greek economy. Their unemployment is over 20%; their civil service is bloated; their industry is not competitive.
    The rioters in the squares of Athens are blaming the Germans for lending the money they cannot now repay! They caricature Chancellor Merkel as a Nazi! They are a people who live in a world of their own imagining.
    This picture should warn us when we talk about our institutions. We know the axiom: ‘Nations get the leaders they deserve.’

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