An autobiography

June 23, 2012 at 4:55 am (Biography, Commentary, David Wall)

I’m toying with the idea of writing an autobiography, but I must admit that I’m a bit scared. Looking back on my life I see a lot of a man behaving badly.

I know that confession is good for the soul, but perhaps it’s not the soul I’m thinking of so much.

“It is public scandal that constitutes offence, and to sin in secret is not to sin at all” Molière .

The question is do I want to create a public scandal by writing my autobiography? I have sinned in secret and openly. It’s no good saying that mum’s the word, one has to be honest and tell all.

At times I’ve stepped into a heart of darkness.

Of course I could write something to be published only after I die, which can’t be too far off at 76! And I’m assuming that the public at large would be interested in me and my life.

It’s a problem that I’ll leave to my readers to decide what I should do. If I get a lot of yes replies I’ll go ahead, or maybe I shall.



  1. chris rose said,

    Autobiography….. silly idea and probably rather embarassing for your freinds. Can we not ‘sip’your life through your excellent blog… less stressful for you and probably more attractive for us. chris rose

  2. John Pasquarelli said,

    as long as one chapter is devoted to me!!!!!

    • deberigny said,

      I was thinking of giving you, John, at least two chapters and a chapter to Patoman.

  3. Antony Ruhan said,

    The Scholastics had a saying: ‘Omne individuum est ineffabile’: ‘Every individual is indescribable.’ What we try to fix with words (which are material) is the ego, what the Hindus call the ‘monkey mind’. It is slipperier than a can of worms. Look at it twice and you see two different (material) things. As opposed to that ‘mind’ we have the spirit or the true self, which we only know when we attain wisdom, something quite rare. Socrates said that virtue or power was self-knowledge. Åt the beginning of his autobiography Einstein said that memory was tricky and he did not trust it.

    • deberigny said,

      One of my readers wrote: “Go ahead if it will make you happy. But autobiographies–apart from the desire to tell a story–is also presumed that one has something to say, that one has an important thing to say which is undergirded by a tinge of self-importance no matter how little. It is vanity.So, go ahead, write that autobiography. Can’t wait to read the saucy little details of the life of young David.”

  4. Peter Johnson said,

    Dave…you have always been a thinker; be a doer, go ahead and write it! You can always decide how to, or even if to, release it later. You have wonderful material to CHOOSE from and Cecil B. or his offspring are eagerly waiting…don’t worry about Pasq’s libel lawyers! …………Pete.

  5. Andrei said,

    I’m not sure. Maybe make it fictional. Write it if you think it is going to have a positive effect on people?…………Andrei

  6. The famous did really visit Angoram! | Stories by David Wall said,

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