“For Both Sides of the Arafura Sea” by Sylvia Lawson

September 7, 2012 at 11:17 pm (Book review, Commentary, Human Rights, Indonesian New Guinea, Papua New Guinea, Sylvia Lawson, West Papua)

I sent the following congratulations to Sylvia Lawson the author  of an excellent essay on

West Papua — For Both Sides of the Arafura   Sea:

Sylvia, this should be compulsory reading for all our policy makers!  
I often wonder what we are doing in Afhanistan and elsewhere when the   Melanesians
of West Papua, so near to us, are suffering so much, and to think   that in small measure
we (I mean Australia) are responsible for.
Congratulations to you for your piece and with all good wishes,   David
It is my firm belief that the Island of New Guinea belongs to the   Melanesians
and unless the stealing of half the Island is not eventually put  to right the whole region,
particularly PNG and Australia, to say nothing of   Indonesia, will all continue to remain
under a dire moral cloud.
The above mentioned essay can be found in:
Demanding the Impossible   Seven Essays on Resistance, Sylvia Lawson, Melbourne University Press, 2012

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