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September 10, 2012 at 7:42 am (Commentary, David Marr, Medical practice in Australia, Tony Abbott, Uncategorized)

I often wonder the way medicine is now practised in Australia — or at least in the capital cities and large regional centres.

It seems to me that the GPs are now mainly confined to writing out scripts and carrying out elementary examinations and should they find anything significant the matter is usually referred to a specialist. You can’t tell me that after eight years to get themselves registered as medical practitioners they are not capable of carrying out some basis surgical and medical procedures — is it the elitist structures within the profession that limit what GPs are allowed to do? Why do we have waiting lists for patients in need of many basic procedures when the skills of our GPs are underutilized and why aren’t GPs given hospital appointments where their patients can be followed up when hospitalized?

I remember years ago talking to my father, an old-time GP, who did almost everything in his country practice, about what he would do if he no longer had a hospital appointment — he told me that in this event he couldn’t see the point of  continuing to practise if he couldn’t follow the medical progress of his patients in the local hospital.

In the public forum this aspect of present-day practice in Australia never seems to be mentioned — to my mind the on-the-spot discussion with a patient’s GP and a referred specialist in the hospital setting can only be to the good of the patient– the initial medical contact remains a reference point throughout the patient’s treatment.

I just can’t understand why we don’t make better use of our GPs!

I like the sound of this publication that came out today:

Quarterly Essay 47

Political Animal: The Making of Tony Abbott

David Marr


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